Use TopSpy and your business will become more efficient!

Do you want to protect your kids from suspicious people? The problem is easily solved with the help of a mobile phone spy.

TopSpy was designed mainly for two groups: parents that always worry about their children and businessmen that should constantly control their staff. With TopSpy you will always be informed if your employees really work or if your child goes to school regularly. Spy on mobile phone finds out the real facts:

  • Spy on calls and correspondence
  • Implement GPS tracking
  • Access social networks and email
  • Use a built-in microphone

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What are the advantages of TopSpy?

Are you concerned that your employees are not very trustworthy? Do you want to stay around your children all the time? TopSpy is an excellent possibility to control the activities of Android’s owner. It can work with BlackBerry, Android and Apple platforms. You will spend only a few minutes on tracker installation. The collected information can be viewed on the control panel. The device is easy to navigate. The received information is arranged chronologically.

NOTE:Pay attention to the fact that the device needs a jailbreak for iPhone, you should root the Android to install the app correctly.


“With TopSpy I can control my staff remotely, it’s very convenient because I am the owner of a logistics company’”
Tom Goodwin,CEO
“My son is the dearest person to me so I bought TopSpy for his security”
Ann Fox,Caring Mom
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100% undetectable

What functions does a mobile spy app contain?

Our developers focused their attention on designing a first-class spying device, that’s why it’s an excellent combination of the newest options necessary for tracking: from access to all kinds of communication to online location tracking and option of recording. We tried to create one of the best mobile phone spy software, we used the latest technologies to make the software inconspicuous for the targeted device owner. Look at the set of options below.

Have all the correspondence in your control panel

You should install the application only once to receive all the correspondence from the targeted phone in the control panel. Reading the deleted texts is also available!

Record conversations

Use the built-in microphone and your TopSpy will record the phone conversations with definite subscribers! No doubt you will be pleased with this option.

Detect the real location of Android user

Our tracking equipment can connect with telephone networks and is able to find person’s coordinates even if the GPS doesn’t work.

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100% сonfidential

To find out the truth you should
Have an account

Choose the package of options that will suit you for spying most of all. Receive and fill in an email form to pay for the chosen package, start tracking!

Activate the package of options

To activate the chosen set of options you should follow the instruction in your control panel.

Set up the app

Take the iPhone that will be targeted and set up the app. Now you can view all the information in your control panel. We hope you will appreciate the best mobile spy software!

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